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(852) 3160 2933

Screening for Depression

Please indicate if you have the problems below in the past 2 weeks. a Psychiatrist.

  Not at all Several days Nearly every day
1. Having low mood, being depressed      
2. Feeling hopeless      
3. Having low energy or feeling tired      
4. Having little interest or less pleasure in doing things      
5. Having negative views about yourself, such as thinking yourself as a failure      
6. Having problem in falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much      
7. Having poor appetite or eating too much      
8. Having low concentration in things that you used to be able to concentrate to do      
9. Having thoughts about hurting yourself      
  Not at all A little Very much
10. How much the above problems affecting your work, family or other aspects of your life?      

- If you have 5 or more of the above problems from item 1 to 9 during the past two weeks for nearly every day, and these problems are affecting your work, family or other aspects of your life, then you need to consult a professional, such as Clinical Psychologist or a Psychiatrist.

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